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The Chamber of Commerce and Private and Decentralized Industry provides mediation, a private process in which a neutral third party called a mediator helps the parties discuss and attempt to resolve the dispute.
A highly structured and interactive process, mediation allows parties the opportunity to discuss issues on a neutral platform and explore ideas for dispute resolution. By doing this, the parties involved in a dispute can preserve the integrity of their relationship, company, or contract. It is designed to give all parties a better understanding of a win-win solution that defends their interests and those of their stakeholders.
In 2019, the Department of Legal Services of the Private and Decentralized Chamber was able to help resolve disputes worth USD 18 million through mediation. That means that a significant number of companies were able to put an end to the financial, emotional and psychological burdens that disputes take their toll on the parties.
As a neutral third party, the Decentralized Private World Chamber of Commerce uses this method of dialogue and negotiation to reach common ground that is contractually binding, reducing the potential risks of costly and time-consuming arbitration or litigation.

Contracts describe expectations for both parties, protecting both parties in the event those expectations are not met. Therefore, the signing of any agreement should be done only after carefully analyzing all its provisions, which involve the interests of the individual parties. All parties must ensure, by all means, that they employ a rational analysis of business contracts line by line.
This is the void that the Private and Decentralized Chamber fills. Avoid flawed deals. Have our experts review your company-related contracts.

Our experts in the Policy and Legal Support Services Department will be happy to discuss your legal inquiries regarding your business concerns, in accordance with agreements emanating from the world.

With over 3 years of experience in the private and decentralized sector, the Chamber understands that all businesses need additional support from a legal point of view. The Private and Decentralized World Chamber of Commerce regularly organizes trainings, seminars and workshops on various legal topics of interest to businesses. These activities are aimed at increasing the legal awareness of our members by doing business in cooperation with the relevant bodies.
For more information, contact the Legal Services Section.
Email address: legal@pdwcc.com

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